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Here at Xbox Tavern we aim to bring you the biggest news, unbiased and honest reviews, developer interviews, and much much more. We're totally independent, which means we have complete freedom to say (and report) whatever we choose.

What does that mean? Well for starters, we’re completely open and approachable. Despite the fact that we work with hundreds of developers and publishers alike, we will always put forward our views and content without a shred of undeserved favour towards any serving body. That of course includes Microsoft. If they screw up or drop the ball, you’ll hear it here. We may well be an Xbox branded outlet, but we’re here to say it how it is.

Our team consists of individuals that have a great deal of gaming knowledge and passion for the brand, we use that to drive this site in the directions that it moves. You may not always agree with what we say or what we do, but isn’t that the point? It creates an excellent dialogue for not only us to engage with, but you too. Grab a chair, hang your hat, and stick around.

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I've been playing games for as long as I can care to remember. Here at Xbox Tavern, I write news, reviews, previews and more. I'm a long time Final Fantasy fan, I can camp like you've never seen before in most FPS, and if I'm on a racing game, I tend to purposely trade paint. Feel free to add me - Gamertag: Kaloudz

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