Air Guitar Warrior Gets an Update and a Gamepad Edition

air guitar warrior

Virtual Air Guitar Company has announced their 12th game Air Guitar Warrior Gamepad Edition to be released on June 15th via the ID@Xbox self-publishing programme. The game will be available exclusively on Xbox One at a price of $14.99 / €14.99 / £11.99.

Air Guitar Warrior Gamepad Edition is a rhythm shooter for everyone who enjoys a good measure of over-the-top rock attitude in their indie games. The game features weaponized guitars, motorbikes and cyber-dinosaurs, 50 hand-painted levels inspired by the history of rock, and a unique interactive soundtrack.

The gameplay combines classic side-scrollers with rhythm games. Your guitar is a weapon that you fire by tapping buttons in time to the music. Virtual Air Guitar Company has also announced that Update 1.1 for Air Guitar Warrior for Kinect is now available.

In this update, the game adds features that have been requested by players. You can now zoom into your poses in album covers for a closer look – take a screenshot to share with your friends! There’s also a bonus duet with Zeus as a reward for completing the game on Expert Difficulty, as well as visual indicators to show where bosses are about to attack.

Aki Kanerva, Founder and Lead Designer at Virtual Air Guitar Company, has also hinted on their next project. “We’re working on multiple projects, including a new Kinect game at the moment. Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!”

New Features

  • Zoom in to album covers. Take a screenshot!
  • Play a duet with Zeus! Complete the game on Expert and play level 50.
  • Bosses telegraph their attacks (Normal Difficulty only).
  • Better font.


  • Improved aiming stability and responsiveness.
  • If Kinect has trouble seeing your hands, the guitar will no longer jump up and down. Instead, the guitar will stop moving. If this happens, try holding your hands a little bit more forward.
  • Increased power of Spectral Axe slow rhythm.
  • Fixed rare issue where enemies could disappear.
  • Improved tutorials.
  • Fixed lasers sometimes not hitting enemies.
  • Fixed rare crash in the middle of a level.
  • Fixed rare issue where the green tutorial box would show static instead of the tutorial character.
  • Player rank increases correctly even if you quit or restart a level.
  • Various graphical fixes.

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