Couch Co-op Moon Hunters Gets a Launch Trailer

Moon Hunters is set to land on Xbox One on July 19th, and to get you ready for the adventure ahead, a launch trailer has been set loose.

Explore a 1 to 4 player co-operative personality test set in a rich, ancient world that’s different every time you play. You have 5 days before King Mardokh and the Sun Cultists declare war on Issaria’s tribes. Multiple playthroughs of this short story will let you see it from different angles and uncover new sides to characters, conflicts, and narratives.

Try out all 4 player hometowns and 6 player character classes, each with their own abilities and randomly generated upgrades as you build your mythology. Every action and choice you make contributes to your legend, as a constellation in the night sky. How will you be remembered?

Tanya X. Short, Game Designer and Captain of Kitfox Games, made the following statements over on the official Xbox News Wire.

Throughout development, to support this “band of mythological heroes” feel, we had difficult design choices to make, and each time, we decided to favor couch co-op as the primary mode of play.

For example, each character has very different abilities, and together they complement each other in a way that is supposed to feel almost overpowered. We also decided to fit all four potential players’ upgrade options in the same screen at the upgrade shop, even though in single-player, that might mean most of the screen is empty. And of course, the dialogues in the game are much more enjoyable since everyone in the party can vote on what to say or do.

We also tweaked the end of each run to be as un-repetitive as possible, even if all 4 players basically went on the same journey. Each player unlocks a different constellation in the night sky, and gets their own mostly unique generated myth. Since each run is only about 45 minutes long, and each player can have a different assortment of personality traits (Cunning, Brave, Seductive, Foolish, etc), it becomes almost like a multiplayer personality test RPG.

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