Everspace Patch 1.0.7 Released – Notes Available Here


A new Everspace patch is now available, and although this particular patch is aimed at VR, there’s still some additions in there worth noting. Here’s the notes.

Patch 1.0.7 – Changelog

We’ve just released a quick patch, mostly VR-related. Here’s the list of changes:


VR: Made the key to reset the VR camera orientation rebindable in the controls settings.


  • VR: Fixed some missing tutorial prompts
  • VR: Fixed problems to launch the game with SteamVR running
  • VR: Fixed several crashes that could occur in the crafting/upgrade/equipment menus
  • VR: Fixed an issue with the perks screen, where you couldnt select perks anymore after switching between ships
  • VR: Fixed a crash that could occur in the repair screen of the service stations
  • VR: Fixed a crash that could occur when changing keyboard bindings in the options menu
  • VR: Fixed wrong display of Chinese and Russian HUD marker fonts
  • VR: Fixed crosshair having the wrong rotation after checking and unchecking “Aim using headtracking”
  • Fixed not every location having a jump suppressor when having “Low Profile” enhancement equipped
  • Fixed flight sticks occluding cockpit displays at high FOV values
  • Fixed cutscenes and flashback videos not displaying correctly in widescreen resolutions
  • Fixed some dialogues not being affected by voice volume settings
  • Fixed exploit that containers could be opened through walls with Energy Discharge device
  • Fixed warships occasionally blocking jumpgates
  • Fixed ARC-9000 not working correctly while Splitter Glyph equipped
  • Fixed a rare crash when generating random trade offers
  • Fixed Shadow Strike enhancement occasionally damaging ship subsystems
  • Fixed Drone Carrier not being resistant to Mainframe Override
  • Fixed “Interrupted Jump” cutscene that sometimes would hang in an endless jump scene when using the Gunship
  • Fixed music not playing in “Interrupted Jump” cutscene
  • Fixed “Ancient Splitters” damaging players during ingame cutscenes

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