Halo Wars 2 Gets a Mid-Season Balance Patch

A new patch for Halo Wars 2 has gone live, and there’s plenty of changes for fans to look forward to. Here’s the all important notes.

-Spirit Support now drops a veterancy level 2 Hunter (Previously veterancy level 3 Hunter)

Kinsano Cyclops
-Flamewall ability cooldown time increased from 45 to 60 seconds
-Flamewall damage versus buildings reduced by 70%

Flamehog w/ Flame Mortar Upgrade
-Flame Mortar damage over time effect reduced damage by 35%
-Flame Mortar damage over time effect, reduced damage vs buildings by 40%
-Flame Mortar range decreased by 14%
-Flame Mortar fire rate reduced by 0.5 seconds, overall impact damage per second not affected, but will create fewer DOT scorch areas.

-Reduced damage versus buildings by 20%
-Reduced duration from 25 seconds to 20 seconds

Hunter Captain
-Move speed increased by 19%

-(bug fix) Now receives upgrade benefits from Global Vehicle Upgrade

Vehicle Symbiotes
-(bug fix) No longer shows buff effect through Fog of War

Global Banished
-Banished leader now start with 3 Grunt squads instead of 2
-Grunt squad resource gather speeds increased by 32%

Engineers – HP reduced by 20%

-Basic speed increased by 15%
-Fuel rod projectile velocity increased to help hit moving

Brute Chopper
-Move speed increased 11%
-Explosive rounds upgrade now also increases damage by 15%

-Line of sight reduced by 12%
-Locust cost increased from 250/175 to 300/200

-Scorch projectile initial damage reduced by 50%

Global UNSC
-Basic DPS increased by 15%
-Drone delay before healing reduced from 10 seconds to 7 seconds

-HP increased by 10%
-Cannon DPS increased by 10%
-(bug fix) Unit ability Canister Shell now fires almost instantly

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