HITMAN and Mass Effect: Andromeda are in a spot of trouble

mass effect andromeda

The developers behind HITMAN and Mass Effect: Andromeda are facing some tough times according to some recent reports.

First and foremost, anonymous sources have disclosed to Kotaku that the Mass Effect series has been put on hold for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, Andromeda studio BioWare Montreal are reportedly being scaled down, with staff being redirected to Star Wars Battlefront 2 developer Motive Studios. Obviously a collection of developers are still working on Andromeda to provide updates and future content.

As for HITMAN, Square Enix revealed in a press release titled “Notice of Booking of Extraordinary Loss” that it began procedures to “withdraw from the business” of IO Interactive as of March 31. The only explanation regarding the decision was that Square Enix plans to focus its “resources and energies on key franchises and studios”. Will Square retain the rights to HITMAN or sell them with IO Interactive? Time will tell.

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