Mass Effect: Andromeda 1.06 Patch is Out Now


Bioware has released the 1.06 patch for Mass Effect: Andromeda, and with it comes heaps and heaps of changes and balance implementations. Deluxe and Super Deluxe owners will also have two new Nomad skins and a Pathfinder outfit.

You can check out the extensive notes below, split into Patch Notes and Balancing Updates. I must forewarn you, there’s a wall of text coming your way.

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed issue that caused single player difficulty to impact multiplayer
  • Improved performance and stability
  • Various improvements to cinematic scenes
  • Fixed issue where SAM would mistakenly tell Ryder they have new email
  • Conversation options will no longer appear “greyed out” if new content is available
  • Improved legibility of subtitles
  • Maximum Nexus Level increased to 29
  • Single player balance improvements at higher difficulties.
  • Fixed issues with player animations getting stuck when jumping or changing direction repeatedly
  • Increased the number of autosaves allowed
  • Special items will not carry over into New Game+
  • Fixed issue where subtitles would not appear while waiting at the dialogue wheel if subtitles were disabled
  • Fixed issue that could cause AVP to reset to zero for all planets except Kadara
  • Weapon and armour vendors now carry inventory once player reaches Level 61
  • Chest armours now have level restrictions
  • Bonus items—such as Pathfinder Armor—can now be deconstructed
  • Fusion Mod of Resistance no longer continues to apply evade damage once unequipped
  • Improved responsiveness of control sticks
  • Fixed clipping issue on Sara Ryder’s casual jacket
  • Added graphics options to toggle Motion Blur and Depth of Field
  • Fixed issue where Remnant VI would stop attacking
  • Turbocharge will not deplete spare ammo when used on a weapon with the Vintage Heat Sink augmentation
  • Fixed interaction with the datapad in the Search for the Remnant Drive Core mission.
  • Fixed issue where squadmate could not be revived if killed by a friend at Site 2
  • Swapping a dead squadmate at a loadout will not cause them to die permanently
  • Nexus tram now operates during Nexus Reunion mission even if player has not completed Prologue
  • Fixed issue where player could romance both Cora and Peebee
  • Fixed issue where player could romance both Vetra and Peebee
  • Taking the left path in the Havarl dungeon will not block progression on Remnant Scanner mission
  • Fixed issue on H-047C where enemies could get stuck inside a rock, making them unkillable
  • Fixed issue where player couldn’t hide Ryder’s helmet after completing Ark Natanus mission
  • Fixed broken Nomad Shield Crafting mission
  • Fixed health issues with Architect’s leg that prevented completion of the fight
  • Frequency mission on Voeld is no longer blocked if the player leaves the area after scanning the meteorite.
  • Missing Science Crew mission no longer blocked if Ryder kills the Architect before finishing objectives
  • Leaving the Nomad while falling out of bounds no longer results in infinite loading screen
  • Fixed issue where Nomad jump control was not remapping
  • Fixed issue where Cora slowly fell back to the ground after charging an airborne enemy
  • Improved performance on Eos when approaching or fast travelling to Prodromos
  • Loading auto-save will not block progress after kett encounter near Site 1 power relay station
  • Eliminated player fall through on Tempest after loading autosaves in space
  • Reduced the cost of Strike Team equipment and improved its effectiveness
  • A default Ryder name can now carry over to New Game+

Balancing Updates:


  • Fixed a bug that made Silver and Gold difficulties use normal stats for Shield Gate and Health Gate
  • Fixed a bug that made Silver and Gold difficulties use normal stats for damage reduction due to armor. Enemy armor now reduces 15 damage per hit on Silver and 20 damage per hit on Gold, to a minimum of 10 damage per hit


  • All Damage Powers – MP: Raw damage upgrades increased by a cumulative 25-35% per power
  • All Offensive Passive Lines- MP: Power damage upgrades increased by a cumulative 20% per line

Power Combos

  • MP: Fixed an issue that caused combos in Gold and Silver difficulties to inflict incorrect base damage
  • MP: Increased base combo damage by approximately 60% in Bronze, 140% in Silver, and 200% in Gold.
  • MP: Increased the value of combo damage upgrades in all passives from +30% to +50%

Combat Powers:


Increased base duration from 12s to 13s

  • Decreased Rank 4 duration bonus from 40% to 35%, although the end duration is still greater than before
  • Increased Rank 5 buff from 20% to 30% power damage bonus

Flak Cannon

  • MP: Increased base primary damage from 180 to 250
  • MP: Increased base power cell count from 2 to 4

Tech Powers:

Assault Turret

  • Increased the Rank 5 flamethrower’s damage per second from 45 to 150, and burn damage over time from 22 to 35 damage per second
  • Increased the Rank 2 health upgrade from +30% to +50%, and the Rank 4 health upgrade from +50% to +75%
  • The power’s cooldown now triggers when the turret spawns, instead of when it is destroyed.
  • Increased base bullet damage from 20 to 36 for MP:, and from 20 to 23 for SP:
  • MP: The cooldown is now 30s, but can be reduced to 10s with the Rank 4 cooldown upgrade.
  • MP: Fixed a bug causing the Rank 6 cryo ammo to inflict no damage


  • MP: Increased the base damage from 120 to 350
  • MP: Decreased the damage over time from 50 to 45 damage per second


  • MP: Increased base uncharged damage from 150 to 200, and charged damage from 200 to 300
  • Flamethrower
  • Increased base damage from 220 to 240 damage per second for MP:, and from 220 to 225 dps for SP:
  • Cryo Beam
  • MP: Increased base damage per second from 135 to 150

Energy Drain

  • MP: Increased base damage from 160 to 175

Shield Boost

  • Increased base radius from 6m to 8m
  • MP: Increased support score generated by successfully giving another player shields from 10 to 20


  • Improved Rank 4 infection radius and Rank 5 spread radius

Remnant VI

  • Increased base health from 500 to 800
  • Increased Rank 2 health upgrade from 15% to 65%
  • Improved Rank 4 health regeneration rate and delay
  • Increased Rank 5 close-combat health upgrade from 120% to 200%
  • Increased the Rank 6 missile damage from 90 to 450
  • Decreased the Rank 6 missile cooldown from 10s to 5s
  • MP: Increased base beam damage from 70 to 100 damage per second
  • MP: Fixed issue where VI would occasionally get stuck
  • MP: VI will now teleport to player if its path is too complex

Biotic Powers:


  • MP: Increased Rank 5’s crushing grip damage over time from 35 to 60 damage per second


  • Increased base damage from 225 to 240


  • Increased base damage from 225 to 245 for MP:, and from 225 to 260 for SP


  • Decreased base cooldown from 24s to 20s
  • Increased Rank 5 recharge rate bonus from +25% to +40%


  • MP: Increased base aegis health from 350 to 400
  • MP: Increased base reflection damage bonus from +180% to +200%
  • MP: Increased Rank 4 and Rank 5 bonuses


  • Increased base damage from 250 to 275


  • Increased base damage from 400 to 420 for MP:, and from 400 to 450 for SP:


  • Increased the base cooldown penalty from 60% to 75%
  • Decreased the Rank 4 radius bonus from 50% to 35%
  • Damage and bonuses from different users will now stack on the same target


  • Slightly improved aim assist at longer ranges

Passive Powers:


  • MP: Barrier Drain: shield regeneration value from melee attacks decreased from 20% to 15%
  • MP: Biotic Link: can now only apply its effect once every 5s
  • MP: Saving Barrier: cooldown on the automatic shield regeneration increased from 10s to 15s
  • Biotic Ascension
  • MP: Improved the bonuses for Rank 6 evolutions

Character Stats:

Asari Adept

  • MP: Decreased base shields from 250 to 200
  • Krogan Vanguard
  • MP: Decreased base shields from 180 to 150


Assault Rifles:


  • Increased damage from 35–47 to 39–50


  • Increased damage from 50–63 to 90–113
  • Increased magazine size from 16 to 20


  • Increased damage from 60–76 to 79–99


  • Increased damage from 86–99 to 164–190
  • Increased magazine size from 16 to 20
  • Increased total spare ammo from 128–160 to 140–175


  • Increased damage from 51–59 to 70–81
  • Improved rate-of-fire charge time from 1s to 0.5s
  • Improved accuracy when firing from the hip or firing blindly over barriers
  • Maximum accuracy while aiming down sights was slightly decreased; the accuracy penalty for firing was reduced.


  • Increased damage from 35–40 to 58–67


  • Increased damage from 90–113 to 150–180



  • Increased damage from 175–220 to 255–321


  • Increased damage from 46–55 to 101–121


  • Increased damage from 150–180 to 167–200


  • Increased damage from 49–57 to 65–75


  • Increased damage from 69–80 to 96–111
  • Improved accuracy


  • Increased damage from 48–56 to 73-84
  • Increased rate of fire from 420–525 to 490–613
  • Improved rate-of-fire charge time from 2s to 1s
  • Improved accuracy


  • Increased damage from 463–535 to 775–896
  • Increased magazine size from 1 to 2
  • Increased total ammo from 18–23 to 20–25
  • Reduced weight from 0.25–0.13 to 0.2–0.1


  • Accuracy slightly reduced



  • Increased damage per pellet from 46–61 to 64–85


  • Increased damage per pellet from 54–62 to 59–68


  • Increased damage per pellet from 60–76 to 79–99


  • Increased damage per pellet from 98–123 to 171–215


  • Increased damage from 382–442 to 699–808
  • Bullet trails added to the slug


  • Increased damage per pellet from 55–66 to 66–79


  • Increased damage per pellet from 46–55 to 66–79


  • Increased damage from 595–688 to 850–983
  • Increased magazine size from 2 to 3
  • Increased total spare ammo from 20–25 to 21–26
  • Deals extra weak point damage


  • Increased damage from 290–348 to 352–422
  • The initial round will now explode on contact with a target and the fragments will travel faster and longer before they explode

Sniper Rifles:


  • Reduced damage from 675–810 to 600–720


  • Increased damage from 38–46 to 85–102
  • Increased damage as the Shadow gets closer to overheating; weapon will overheat faster


  • Increased damage from 463–535 to 550–636
  • Total spare ammo increased from 35–44 to 45–56


  • Increased damage from 496–574 to 650–752




  • Reduced health by 20%


  • Reduced health by 5%


  • Reduced shields by 47%


  • Reduced shields by 67%


  • Decreased the chance that a Fiend initiates a sync attack on Hardcore and Insanity difficulties in single-player and Silver and Gold difficulties in multiplayer


  • Cobra RPG can now damage the Ascendant after its Orb is destroyed; on Normal or Bronze difficulty, the Cobra RPG can kill the Ascendant in one shot
  • Increased effectiveness of powers and weapons that lack extra weak point damage against the Orb


  • Angaran Saboteur
  • Increased armor by 33%

Turian Anarchist

  • Increased armor by 33%
  • Increased weapon damage by 20%

Salarian Agent

  • Increased armor by 33%
  • Now fires more frequently

Asari Pariah

  • Increased armor by 33%
  • Increased weapon damage by 20%


  • Increased shields by 60%
  • Increased frequency of firing at targets in cover
  • Decreased aiming time against out-of-cover targets at higher difficulties
  • Decreased sniper rifle damage by 18%
  • SP: Fixed a bug that caused Roekaar Sharpshooters to deal 75% more sniper rifle damage than intended

Krogan Berserker:

  • Reduced armor by 20%


  • Increased armor by 38%
  • Weak point health now scales per difficulty in proportion to base health, effectively making it harder to break the weak point on Hardcore and Insanity difficulties in single-player and on Silver and Gold difficulties in multiplayer
  • Bonus damage from destroying the weak point now also scales with health
  • Increased normal shot damage by 67%
  • Normal shot projectile speed doubled

Bug Fixes
Matches / Missions
Match Medals

  • Score required to achieve a Support Medal for Bronze, Silver, and Gold difficulties increased from 400/800/1,200 to 800/1,600/2,000


Item Store

  • Added Experience Boosters to the Item Store

Adaptive War Amp

  • Increased damage bonus from 15% to 30%

Engineering Kit

  • Increased damage bonus from 15% to 30%

Enhanced Munitions

  • Increased damage bonus from 15% to 30%

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