New Xbox Ads Promote Diversity and it Doesn’t go Down Well

xbox diversity

Xbox have just released a collection of ads that promote diversity, and it’s certainly not going down well with the crowd. The videos that have been released so far are:

Celebrating Latinos in Gaming at GDC 2017
Blacks in Gaming at GDC 2017
LGBTQ in Gaming at GDC 2017
Women in Gaming at GDC 2017
Gaming for Everyone at GDC 2017

The point of the adverts? It’s to prove that it doesn’t matter what your gender, background, or ethnicity is, gaming is gaming and everyone is welcome. Which begs the question, why not just stop at “Gaming for Everyone at GDC 2017”? Do we really need to segregate gamers into groups, just to point out that everyone is welcome? I personally don’t think so, but it has indeed upset some people that have since taken to Twitter.

On the flip side, there are people that found the intended message to be heart warming. As demonstrated in the below Tweet.

It is worth pointing out however that although “Blacks in Gaming” is the video that seems to be pulling in the most controversy, all of the above listed videos have been disliked by the majority via the like/dislike tool on YouTube. Furthermore, and I think this is of utmost importance, “Blacks in Gaming” is an organization that MS have partnered with for GDC. The context that has been taken out of proportion seems to be down to the wording.

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