Phil Spencer: I look at Pro as more of a competitor to S than I do to Xbox One X

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In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Phil Spencer stated that he sees the PS4 Pro as a competitor to the Xbox One S, more so than the Xbox One X.

When asked whether Spencer was worried about Xbox One X being $100 more expensive than the PS4 Pro, Spencer hit back with an in-depth response, which reads:

I look at Pro as more of a competitor to S than I do to Xbox One X. This is a true 4K console. If you just look at the specs of what this box is, it’s in a different league than any other console that’s out there. When I think about techniques to somehow manufacture a 4K screen like what some other consoles try to do, this is different than that. This is 40 per cent more GPU.

The amount of RAM we have in this, the speed of the RAM, the speed of the harddrive, the reaction we’re getting from developers… having Patrick [Soderlund, EA executive] show Anthem at the end of our show, which looked fantastic, opening with Forza, but having the third-party validation – when I stood there and went through Final Fantasy and Resident Evil and Ghost Recon and Rocket League, those assets that were running behind me were all in 4K because those developers were already up in 4K on this kit, because that’s the box we built.

There’s not a tonne of work developers are having to do to get to 4K, and then they can spend the extra headroom they have and time to perfect the game they want to build. That’s why we’re able to say, over 30 games will have 4K updates for Xbox One X when we launch it. That’s going to be fantastic. Third-party support’s been great.

So what do you think? Do you agree that the Pro is more of a competitor to the Xbox One S, than it is with the Xbox One X?

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