Project Scorpio won’t be held back by Xbox One

Project Scorpio

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra took to Twitter today to clarify that the anticipated Project Scorpio will not be held back by Xbox One.

This comes following a recent uproar regarding the fact that Destiny 2 is capped at 30 FPS on console, rather than 60 FPS. It was confirmed by Bungie that the game will be capped at 30 FPS on PlayStation 4 Pro, as well as PlayStation 4, due to the fact that the Pro isn’t capable of handling 60 FPS.

Due to Sony having rules in place that ensures parity is maintained between their platforms, it’s highly likely that Bungie will also keep the frame-rate at 30 FPS on the upcoming Project Scorpio too, regardless as to whether or not it will handle 60 FPS. This naturally prompted many fans of the game to message Microsoft executives, which is what lead Ybarra to make an announcement.

His first Tweet stated “Developers are free to choose how they use the power of Project Scorpio for games. We have no requirements limiting framerate or fidelity.”

When asked by a fan if Project Scorpio will be held back by Xbox One due to a similar parity rule over on PlayStation, Ybarra went on to reiterate “No, there isn’t. This is up to the developer to choose, for their games, what they want to do.”

In a since deleted Tweet, IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey chipped in with “Correct. No chance Scorpio gets 60fps. Bungie/Activision will want console parity, especially in light of their marketing deal with Sony.”

If you ask me, this is just one of those situations that cannot be helped. Bungie and Activision have a marketing deal with Sony, and if that deal means that we lose out due to parity, then so be it. Nevertheless we need to keep perspective here, as Bungie did recently state that they were not going to discuss Destiny 2 on Xbox One or Project Scorpio until Microsoft have finished their E3 presentation. Watch this space.

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