Super Cloudbuilt is Set to Launch in July


It’s been announced today that the sci fi rocket-parkour game Super Cloudbuilt is set to arrive between the 25th and 28th of July 2017. On top of this, PlayStation Europe pre-orders go live today, with information on PS US and XB1 pre-orders to follow over the next fortnight.

Super Cloudbuilt is a sci fi rocket-parkour game, with emphasis on exploration, speedrunning and skill. Players have several paths to complete each level, the option to slow down, explore your environment and collect powerups, and experience multiple endings. You’re in charge of how the game plays, so why not how it looks as well?

By switching the game to ‘Painted’ mode, players can turn off the cross-hatching and enjoy the world as though it was a watercolour piece of art. By selecting ‘Key Colors’ mode, you can remove the colors from much of the background so that obstacles and enemies stand out brightly and are quickly identified. If you pause your game just right in ‘Sketch’, your screenshots look like they’re torn from the pages of an artist’s sketchpad.

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