Unknown Fate is Coming this Autumn to Console and PC

1C announce that Unknown Fate will be released this autumn on Windows PC (including VR support), Mac, PS4 and Xbox One, with a full hands-on presentation at Gamescom first. While the developers are working hard finalizing their surreal worlds, another part of the rather mysterious journey towards one’s Unknown Fate is being uncovered through a new engine-rendered trailer.

Unknown Fate blends various genres in to a seamless experience of the unfamiliar and undiscovered. Seeing through the eyes of Richard, the main character, players must find their way through several worlds, each occupied by a guardian. The four guardians seem to be there to help Richard literally collect all the pieces of his broken memories together, and find his purpose in these strange worlds.

But while each of the four guardians is only able to occupy his own world, there is another, who has succeeded in breaking the boundaries tying him to one place. Now, he roams all the worlds freely, traversing them at will. He might be able to answer all the questions in Richard’s head, but how can the truth be told from the lies? And when the unraveling takes place, Richard will be forced to choose a side…

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