10 Things That Would Improve Sea of Thieves


Sea of Thieves is finally upon us, but sadly, the end result has many of us wanting for more. The foundation of the game is exceptional, and it’s abundantly clear that Rare has crafted a canvas that can easily be built on to support the game for years to come.

One thing that I think is vital moving forward, is that Rare ensures that everything from here on out stays within the singular world. Accessibility is key for a game like Sea of Thieves, and I think most would agree that being able to access any aspect of the game from the get-go, within its world, is pivotal.

Some of the main criticisms, including our own, is that Sea of Thieves is somewhat lacking in diverse content. However, much like Bungie’s Destiny, this can be alleviated with new features and padding, if you like, to add to the longevity of the adventure. With that in mind, here’s ten things that we believe would vastly improve the experience.

1: Risk vs Reward Chests

One of the game’s core loops is to locate treasure and take it straight back to an outpost to cash-in. There’s no way, as of yet, to actually open a chest. If you ask me, this is a massively wasted opportunity and removes a layer of mystery when you find some loot, knowing you’ll never discover its contents. Though, what if we could?

Picture yourselves locating a chest and carrying it to your ship. You really only have one option at that point to cash-in your loot, which is to take it back to port and pass it to a vendor. That is, unless outpost camping pirates are not laying in wait…

One solid design choice would be to allow players to open select chests, with a risk vs reward system tied to this option. We could take it to the vendor for a guaranteed income, or manually open it (with a majority crew vote) to discover its contents there and then. Chests could be full of coin and goods, offer unique cosmetics, or simply be full of sand…

2: More Public Events and Unique Enemy Encounters

At present time, there’s really only two true public events in the game; The Kraken, and the Skull Cloud. Indeed, both of these additions prove to be exhilarating in their own way, but Sea of Thieves needs to offer more.

How about seeing the Ferry of the Damned periodically making its way to the physical plane, bringing with it an army of ship-boarding skeletons that wont stop spawning until someone takes out the ship’s undead captain or sinks the ship?

Maybe even a stealth-based pirate ghost island encounter that will occasionally appear for a set amount of time, full to the brim with unstoppable ghost pirates (à la the Gorgon’s Labyrinth)? Or some other legendary Sea Monsters, such as the Devil Whale or the Hydra?

The payoff? Some cosmetic items that are fashioned on whichever encounter you overcome, as well as the treasures that come with, of course.

3: Added Enemy Variations

Sea of Thieves comes with just a few enemy variations outside of enemy players, being sharks, the Kraken, and a range of skeletons. There’s no denying whatsoever that we need more things to thrust our swords into and blast our weaponry at.

Deadly sirens that pose as helpful mermaids? Ghost pirates that will gun for ships with lit lanterns? AI controlled pirate warships? The possibilities are endless, and hopefully something we see added, soon.

4: Deeper Questing

As it stands, the questing in Sea of Thieves is far too simplistic. The meat of the matter mostly consists of fetch questing, killing skeletons, or solving the (also simplistic) puzzles to uncover loot. The game would truly benefit from some weekly bounties or in-depth quest-lines. Off the top of my head;

– Filling a giant chalice using tears from the Chest of Sorrow.
– Blessing the water with the light of sunrise at the most eastern point of the map.
– Taking blessed water to fill a secret fountain, awakening a deadly boss encounter.
– Killing said boss and plundering its loot.

Albeit that’s a very basic example, but that sort of structure (hidden in riddles, of course), would go a long way. Furthermore, the riddles that players are served should be more complex, with many of them relying on intricate secrets and lore that doesn’t solely consist of using some common sense.

5: Deeper Exploration

Despite how gorgeous the game looks and how diverse it can be, it’s lacking that added punch, or at least when it comes to exploration, that is. Sure, there’s no shortage of islands and locations to uncover, but once you’ve charted them, there’s little else to see.

It would be neat to see Rare throw in some new expansive locations, or build upon the ones in place. Deep cave systems, hidden burial grounds, dark and dangerous dungeons, intricate secret pathways, and so on and so forth. The game is full of mystery, but more varied rewards for exploration is key to its lifespan.

6: Catastrophic Events

Sea of Thieves’ ocean is the most beautiful ocean I’ve ever seen in a game, and most likely the most impressive that I’ll see for a good while to come. The king of the ocean? Well, that honor goes to the Kraken, there’s no disputing that this beast is a force to be reckoned with.

That said, it would go down an absolute treat if we could see the occasional maelstrom, or vortex. Something that will really push players into focusing on the efforts of their ship’s capabilities. Will we see this in the long run? Only time will tell, but again, the potential is there.

7: Trading/Merchant

One key aspect of this game is to ensure that your ship, large or small, is stocked for the voyage at hand. Many a times have I sailed by a fellow player and their ship, often wondering whether there should be another option in the game outside of killing and plundering to gain their goods.

It’s entirely possible to jump from ship to ship and give away items, and vice versa, but having a system in place to accommodate the exchange of gold may well provide some interesting encounters. This option may split the crowd, but it couldn’t hurt, could it?

8: PvP Wanted Posters

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been wiped out time and time again by other players, and hey, that’s all part and parcel of the game. I’m fine with that. Though, I cant help but feel as though the inclusion of wanted posters would enforce more emphasis on PvP combat.

These would really need to be balanced, and possibly reserved for those that are both actively and notoriously known for killing other players. This particular inclusion will not be for everyone, but a thought that’s often hit me while playing the game.

9: Minigames

Where’s the ability to play card games? Putting your hard earned gold on the line for a good old game of 21? Or even fishing? I know that last one has been spoken about many times before, but for a game that demands such an awful lot of time on the ocean, this, now more than ever, seems like such a huge omission.

10: More Life Underwater

Speaking of fishing, it would be nice to see more under the surface of the ocean. Whales, dolphins, jellyfish, even just seeing them would be a treat to behold whilst venturing out and about…

I want to draw back to my point about Sea of Thieves being full of potential. This game, as pointed out in my review, is one of the few exclusives that Microsoft should be proud of. It’s fun, it’s well developed, it’s engaging, and it’s unique.

I have total faith in Rare to address feedback and build upon this experience in the long run. The foundation is solid, and I fully suspect that in even just a few months time, Sea of Thieves will be a much more well rounded experience, if Rare drives it in the right direction. Until then, let’s see where this ship takes us.

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