Daily Xbox News Roundup – April 12th

It’s another beautiful day packed with heaps of new and exciting gaming announcements. We’ve compiled a neat article with today’s hottest news right here for your viewing pleasure.


– Banner Saga 3 Launch Date Announced
– The Division Receives Xbox One X Enhancements
– Rainbow Six Siege Surpasses 30 Million Players
– Free Overgrowth Expansion Available for Skyforge
– Siegfried Announced for Soulcalibur VI
– Destiny 2 Warmind Expansion Arrives in May
– Big Ant Studios Announces AO International Tennis
– F1 2018: Offline and Online Closed Beta Applications Now Open
– Shovel Knight Surpasses Two Million Units Sold
– Code Vein Producer Hopes for Sequels
– Forgotton Anne Arrives on May 15th
– Die for Valhalla! Comes to Xbox One in May
– NHL 18 Joins EA Access Vault

Banner Saga 3 Launch Date Announced

Versus Evil, a leading independent video game publisher in partnership with Stoic, an indie video game developer, today announced that the third and final chapter in the award winning Viking RPG trilogy, Banner Saga 3 will launch on July 24th, 2018 for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Mobile platforms are expected to launch later on in the year.

505 Games will be publishing a physical retail package – The Banner Saga Trilogy: Bonus Edition – for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 priced at $39.99. The Bonus Edition will enable RPG fans to dive headlong into the entire Viking adventure and will include Banner Sagas 1, 2 and 3 plus a mini art book, poster, best of soundtrack and in-game digital item. It will be available at major game retailers on July 24th in the US and July 27th in Europe. A digital PC Bonus Edition featuring all three games will also be available.

In Banner Saga 3, players will embark upon the final journey beyond the wall of Darkness to traverse a world unlike anything encountered in previous sagas. The games compelling story driven narrative will continue to encourage the character building and strategic aspects which were essential to the previous games popularity with fans. Story secrets will be brought to light and character motives will be made clear. The end has come.

The Division Receives Xbox One X Enhancements

Ubisoft has released a new patch today for their massively successful The Division, bringing in the long awaited Xbox One X Enhancements. The Division is already a great looking game, so these added boosts will certainly go down well with the crowd.

The patch weighs in at just over 4GB, with enhancements that include; 4K rendering, higher anisotropy, improved reflections, improved object detail, and improved screen-space shadows. Not too shabby, right? Update 1.8.1 also includes two new global events – Blackout and Onslaught, respectively available end of April and end of May. On top of this, some additional tweaks have been made;

– Increased drop rate for Classified Gear
– Legendary difficulty added for Amherst’s Apartment and Grand Central Station missions
– More than 40 new commendations
– Global Events offer new Classified Gear Set caches specific to each set
– Legendary Missions have 20% chance to reward Classified Gear
– Assignments provide more Division Tech
– Season Pass supply drop awards 100 Division Tech
– Bug fixes

If you own an Xbox One X and have yet to give this solid shooter a try, now is as good a time as any, especially with its sequel being recently announced. Standby for more.

Rainbow Six Siege Surpasses 30 Million Players

Ubisoft has announced that Rainbow Six Siege has surpassed a staggering 30 million players. Alexandre Remy, Brand Director of Rainbow Six Siege, states:

“On behalf of the entire team, we wanted to thank every member of our diverse, global community for their support of our game. Our players are the most valuable element to our game. Over the last three years, we have endeavored to create a solid community built on transparency as we grow and evolve the ever-expanding world of Rainbow Six Siege. We are so tremendously honored to achieve this milestone, and we will continue to do everything we can to earn each and every new person that decides to play.”

That’s one damn impressive achievement for Ubisoft, their strong post launch support and commitment to keep the game fresh and relevant is clearly paying off.

Free Overgrowth Expansion Available for Skyforge

It is morphing time in Action MMO Skyforge as the ‘Overgrowth’ update arrives on all platforms, and with it, the new Grovewalker class. The Grovewalkers are a hybrid class, taking on the role of powerful mages as well as frontline tanks.

In caster form the class wields a legendary staff to safeguard its allies, draining the life force from its opponents while dealing surprising amounts of damage. But when the situation asks for it, the Grovewalker can morph into its “Living Armor” and smash even the toughest enemies into submission. A sight to behold and a hulking feature that will transform combat in Skyforge forever.

Besides a brand-new class, ‘Overgrowth’ will also let players rediscover Skyforge’s game world, with a new difficulty level for its adventures and a completely new challenge system! Check out the trailer at the head of this post to see it in action.

Siegfried Announced for Soulcalibur VI

Bandai today welcome the well-known character Siegfried to the Soulcalibur VI roster. After losing to Kilik and his comrades in the form of Nightmare, Siegfried awoke in an unfamiliar place and he is now unable to free himself from the unforgiving memories of his time spent as the cursed sword’s puppet.

The memory of having killed his own father is haunting him. His true nightmare has only just begun…Full of regrets, he is looking for redemption and he desperately wants to free himself from the cursed sword’s grasp. See him in action via the new footage below. Soulcalibur VI will be launched at some point this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Destiny 2 Warmind Expansion Arrives in May

Bungie has announced that Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion is set to arrive on May 8th. The developer plans to reveal the content on April 24th. Little is known about Warmind, but we do know that it will “send you to new places to meet new heroes and battle new enemies”.

Forgive me for being skeptical, but I suspect this will amount to nothing more than a few new variations of the enemies we’ve been killing for four years now. I highly doubt that we’ll get a new race to take on, but until the aforementioned reveal takes place, we’ll just have to sit on our hands and wait and see.

May 8th will also see the arrival of Update 1.2.0, which introduces Crucible Rankings, Private Matches, more Vault space and other notable improvements. Season Three will also commence and we learn that all Crucible maps will be free for all players to enjoy, in an attempt to keep the community together.

Work on Season Four will begin as soon as Season Three is introduced. Bungie aims to be more open about Destiny 2 from here on out and plans to introduce updates in a more structured format. That means fans can expect to see additions such as Gear Collections, Records and more in due course. Here’s the intel in full from Bungie.

Curse of Osiris was one hell of an underwhelming piece of Turd-6, so hopefully Warmind is a much better serving. However, Bungie don’t have a great track record for their expansions, so only time will tell, I guess…

Big Ant Studios Announces AO International Tennis

Big Ant Studios has today announced AO International Tennis, for release on 8 May 2018. Featuring world #1, Rafael Nadal, AO International Tennis offers the most comprehensive feature set of any tennis game ever made, giving players unprecedented control over how they play their favourite sport.

Additionally, AO International Tennis will be the first game to be enhanced with PlayFace, Big Ant’s in-depth character creator software that gives users the ability to create photo-realistic likenesses in-game.

“Tennis fans are passionate about their sport, and made it clear what they wanted to see in a tennis game,” Big Ant CEO, Ross Symons, said. “Building on our previous titles, we’ve made adjustments and significant additions to meet those expectations. We’re incredibly committed to the sport of tennis, and proud of the results. We believe that what players will see and do in AO International Tennis will impress even the most die hard fan.”

Each year, the eyes of the world turn to Melbourne Park for the Australian Open for the start of the tennis calendar and 2018 was no different,” Tennis Australia CEO and Australian Open Tournament Director, Craig Tiley, said, “We’re excited to be able to give fans from around the world the chance to experience the Australian Open from their own homes with AO International Tennis.”

F1 2018: Offline and Online Closed Beta Applications Now Open

Codemasters has today announced that applications for their F1 2018 (offline and online) closed beta programmes across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, are now live. The announcement reads:

We’re very happy to announce that applications for our offline and online closed beta programmes are now open, and you can apply here.

As soon as we learn of a solid release date for the beta’s, we’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, if you want to take part, follow the link above and signup.

Shovel Knight Surpasses Two Million Units Sold

Yacht Club Games has announced that Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove has surpassed two million copies sold. The game has come a long way since it first released, and to get you up to speed, the devs have posted an in-depth info page via their official site, right here.

Just 18 months after its original debut, Shovel Knight surpassed one million copies sold total. Since then, the road to 2 million has been arduous but at the very end of February, an extensive 26 months later, we reached a colossal milestone! Thank you everyone for your unbelievable support! It is so inspiring that people still pick up, play, and fall in love with Shovel Knight for the first time every day.

If you’ve get to try out this game, I highly recommend giving it a go. It’s easily one of the best games of its type, available on Xbox One. Furthermore, to celebrate this milestone, the game is 20% off the asking price across all platforms.

Code Vein Producer Hopes for Sequels

Code Vein is one of the more interesting games releasing this year, and according to Producer Keita Iizuka (via the Weekly Famitsu), the team hopes to create sequels to build upon the world in the long run.

According to the article, the core game is almost complete. The team is now mostly focusing on polishing the experience to deliver it to fans as quickly as possible. Bandai plans on showcasing the game regularly up until launch, as well as giving more opportunities for hands-on playtime with the game.

If you’ve yet to see this game in action, we’ve included one of its most recent trailer below. Standby and as soon as we learn more, we’ll keep you in the loop.

Forgotton Anne Arrives on May 15t

Having stunned gamers at events and expos throughout 2017 with its crisp, anime style, Square Enix Collective now announce that the 2D cinematic adventure Forgotton Anne will launch on PlayStation 4, the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X, and PC on May 15th of this year.

Forgotton Anne is a dazzling, story-driven, hand-crafted 2D cinematic adventure focused on the mysterious Forgotten Lands: the hidden dimension where all mislaid items from the human world – the odd socks, the lost letters, the missing toys – all linger.

With the help of the Forgotlings – creatures formed out of all of these missing items – the trapped Anne and Master Bonku begin a quest to find their way home. It’s a story full of emotion, and one layered with a combination of light 2D puzzle platforming and dialogue choices. Take a peek.

Die for Valhalla! Comes to Xbox One in May

In the land of Vikings a monstrous portal has opened. The Great Old One is plotting to take over the world. Chaos spreads far and wide… and the party’s just getting started!

Novice Valkyries along with their new mysterious friend set out to save the world. What could possibly go wrong? Die for Valhalla! is a 2D action RPG where you possess and take full control of heroes, monsters and other things to help Vikings save their realm!

The game received a new trailer today, seen below, with a release date set for May 30th for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

NHL 18 Joins EA Access Vault

It’s been announced that NHL 18 is now available in the EA Access Vault. If you own a subscription, you can download this game at no additional cost, right now. EA Access, for those out of the loop, is a subscription service that allows gamers to enjoy a wealth of games and benefits for one affordable price.

There’s already a heap of games available in the vault, such as FIFA, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, and more. On top of this, players get a price rebate as well as early access to upcoming games from EA. It’s certainly worth considering an investment, that much goes without saying.

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