Daily Xbox News Roundup – March 12th

It’s the beginning of a new week, which can only mean one thing, a range of new and exciting news and videos, itching to grab your attention. So, what’s fit for the post?


AC Origins The Curse of the Pharaohs DLC Trailer Released
Planet Alpha Joins Team17’s Games Label
Euro Fishing Expands Even Further with The Moat
Hotfix Released for PUBG on Xbox One
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Season Pass and DLC Revealed
PixARK Early Access Trailer Released
State of Decay 2 Collector’s Edition Announced
Dynasty Warriors 9 DLC Announced
Coffee Stain Studios Tease Their Next Game
Drew Karpyshyn’s Departure Will Not Affect Anthem’s Story

AC Origins The Curse of the Pharaohs DLC Trailer Released

The Curse of the Pharaohs, the second downloadable content for Assassin’s Creed Origins, is available tomorrow, March 13th 2018. In The Curse of the Pharaohs, players will take on an all-new story, set four years after the events of Assassin’s Creed Origins, and continue Bayek’s journey, as he travels to the ancient capital city of Thebes to investigate a curse that is plaguing the region.

The new expansion immerses players in Egyptian mythology, challenging them to battle famous pharaohs and mystical beasts, as they investigate the temples of Karnak and Luxor as well as well the secret tombs of the Valley of the Kings. This new content will increase the level cap to 55 and introduce new crafting levels, resources and abilities. Players will also be able to acquire new outfits and gear, including rare and legendary weapons – all themed around classic Egyptian mythology. Check out the new trailer above.

Planet Alpha Joins Team17’s Games Label

Team17 and Denmark based independent developer Adrian Lazar today announced that the beautiful platform adventure game PLANET ALPHA has joined Team17’s games label. PLANET ALPHA is an atmospheric side-scrolling platform adventure game. Combining fast platforming, creative puzzles, stealth mechanics and a unique art style to create an unforgettable experience.

You awake on a strange alien world that is home to many mysterious, exotic flora and fauna. As you explore the world around you, you’ll uncover the ability to rotate and control the planet. Is this world really as tranquil and serene as it first appears and what more will you discover? We’ll find out when the game arrives later this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Euro Fishing Expands Even Further with The Moat

The Season Pass for Euro Fishing has ended but that doesn’t mean the fishing action is over! Dovetail Games has announced The Moat, the forthcoming add-on that continues the studio’s thriving post-release support for Euro Fishing.

The Moat takes place in the waters surrounding a historic Welsh castle, adding dramatic Instagram-ready backgrounds for all your catch shots. You’ll get the chance to pull some enormous catches from the 10-acre lake too, with Carp and Catfish up to 55lbs among the many challenging fish prowling its waters.

There are 11 different species of fish to be caught in The Moat, including the brand-new species of fish Rudd, which can be caught in Euro Fishing for the first time ever. Along with 19 new boss fish and 10 new trophies to unlock, it’s another huge helping of content for Euro Fishing fans, adding yet another stunning venue for anglers to enjoy. Support for Xbox One X has also been implemented in a recent patch.

Hotfix Released for PUBG on Xbox One

A hotfix patch is being released today for Xbox One versions of PUBG. This patch aims to resolve bugs introduced in the most recent update. Notes as follows:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where player revival would continue despite interruption
  • Fixed repeating sounds from footsteps or when reloading Kar98k, Revolver, or Shotgun
  • Fixed issue where (B) and (Y) buttons remained active in gameplay while in the map view
  • Fixed issue where the parachute cable would not disappear following a landing in water
  • Fixed issue where the player could not cut the parachute cable when becoming stuck during landing

Known Issues

  • Pressing the (B) button while in the Settings menu will cause the player to exit the plane

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Season Pass and DLC Revealed

Bandai announce the Season Pass and the DLC “Ambush Of The Imposters” for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. The Season Pass will also include the upcoming DLCs “Betrayal Of Comrades” and “Collapse Of Balance”.

“Ambush Of The Imposters” will feature a brand new story arc with a new dungeon and boss battle. Following rumors about enemy ArFA-sys units, the protagonist and its companions start investigating the rumors with the cooperation of Yamikaze, Dyne and Musketeer X. Another story starts. DLC 1 also inlcudes:

New playable characters: Dyne, Yamikaze and Musketeer X

New game mode Bullet Of Bullets: With their customised characters, players can fight Kirito and other characters in this new offline mode

4vs4 Deathmatch Multiplayer Mode (available in Hero Battle and Avatar Battle): Players can now fight in teams of four against each other without Boss enemy.

The two other DLC of the Season Pass will also features new characters:

Clarence and Shirley (Alternative Gun Gale Online) for the DLC “Betrayal Of Comrades”
Alice and Eugeo (Alicization) for the DLC “Collapse Of Balance”

PixARK Early Access Trailer Released

A new trailer for PixARK has been released, ahead of the game’s launch in Xbox Game Preview later this month. The game is said to offer a vast, wild world filled with vicious dinosaurs, magical creatures and endless adventure! To survive in this mysterious land, you must tame creatures both ferocious and cuddly, craft high tech and magical tools, and build your own base out of cubes.

With a robust character creator, an infinite number of voxel based maps and procedurally generated quests, your PixARK adventure will be completely unique. Team up with friends to form a tribe, or play on your own. Spend your time building a towering fortress or go on a quest in a sprawling cavern.

Fly on the back of a dragon and smite your enemies with a magic wand, or ride a mighty T-Rex and blast your foes with a rocket launcher. In the world of PixARK, how you play is up to you – as long as you survive.

State of Decay 2 Collector’s Edition Announced

Microsoft has today revealed the rather tasty looking State of Decay 2 Collector’s Edition. This version is a true State of Decay 2 starter kit – complete with an exclusive SteelBook case, zombie mask, and “thumb-drive,” this collectible edition also includes a State of Decay 2 patch and a human brain SteelBook stand. Fans can pre-order the Collector’s Edition today at their favorite retailer for $69.99.

Dynasty Warriors 9 DLC Announced

Today Koei Tecmo announced the first three DLC packages for its recently released (underwhelming) Dynasty Warriors 9. The first DLC will be the Hideout Customization Pack, which includes five items that can change the appearance of hideouts, ten pieces of furniture, as well as five special repeatable trials that let you earn the new items.

The second DLC is titled the Additional Weapons Pack, which includes three new weapon types and three high level weapon models. The third DLC is known as the Additional Scenario Pack, which packs the ability to play as Xiahou Ji, Dong Bai, Hua Xiong, and Yuan Shu.

Coffee Stain Studios Tease Their Next Game

Coffee Stain Studios has today revealed their next project, simply titled Satisfactory. Do we have any details about this game? No, we do not, but we do however have a new teaser trailer that you can check out below. Does this offer any details? No, it does not. We’ll keep our eyes open for more intel. Standby.

Drew Karpyshyn’s Departure Will Not Affect Anthem’s Story

It was announced last week that Drew Karpyshyn will depart BioWare, which has lead many to be concerned about the story of Anthem, seeing as though Karpyshyn is upping and leaving mid-project. Rest assured, however, as it appears as though his work on the game has been completed. Casey Hudson states that:

Story will always be an important part of every BioWare game. Drew has wrapped up his work on the project, but Anthem’s Lead Writers and their teams continue to do amazing work developing the world, story, and characters.

So, cast your doubts aside. Irrespective of the timing of Karpyshyn’s decision, it seems as though his departure will not at all affect the upcoming Anthem.

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