Daily Xbox News Roundup – March 31st

It’s a very light news day today, but we’ve still managed to scrape up a few decent announcements that are fit for the post. What’s new?


Earthlock Gets a New Release Date
Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets a Patch Plus Photo Mode
Friday The 13th: The Game’s Offline Bots Improvements Inbound
Xbox Games Releasing Between April 2nd and April 8th

Earthlock Gets a New Release Date

Extended and upgraded, Earthlock is the definitive version of its origin title, Earthlock: Festival of Magic. To those of you out of the loop, Earthlock is the same game as Earthlock: FoM, but with several improvements, such as improved cutscenes, much more depth and refined mechanics.

Developer Snowcastle Games state that this version is the “should have been” edition of the game, to which they’ve worked hard for the last year ensuring that it’s released, before ultimately starting work on its sequel. Earthlock is set to be released on Xbox One on April 11th.

Those of you that own the origin title will get this version for free. Check out the new trailer above to see the action firsthand. Trust me, it’s a solid game, and should most certainly be on the radar if you’re a fan of JRPG. Stay tuned for more.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets a Patch Plus Photo Mode

Dynasty Warriors 9 was a pretty crappy game at launch, mostly due to the horrendous framerate, the poor draw distance, and the shoddy localisation. I could go on and on, but that’s not why we’re here.

Koei has announced that a new patch has arrived in the game, bringing some bug-fixes and the addition of a new Photo Mode. Here’s the notes:

– Added the feature “Photo Mode”.
– Added gems that grant new effects.
– Improved the movement of officers during battle.
– Adjusted the frequency in which dialogue occurs while marching.
– Corrected an issue in which, during Chapter 6 – “Showdown at Chibi“, the game would sometimes stop when approaching a Prayer Bench while mounted.
– Corrected an issue that occurred rarely in which attacks would not hit soldiers.
– Corrected an issue in which archers would not vanish after capturing a base.
– Corrected a number of other minor issues.

Fingers crossed that Dynasty Warriors 9 can get on track soon, there’s certainly a lot of potential within, but repetition and issues will only go so far…

Friday The 13th: The Game’s Offline Bots Improvements Inbound

Gun Media has announced that they plan to drastically improve the offline bots in Friday the 13th the Game. The developer states the AI will come with perks that better match the selected difficulty, and that the AI will choose better hiding spots and will act accordingly, depending on how many counselors are already present in a cabin.

The AI will also carefully select which weapons to use on higher difficulties, picking/swapping weaponry that will house a higher stun rate in the process. We also learn that the AI will turn on radio music in an attempt to distract Jason, and will even have refined shooting accuracy as well as place traps more realistically.

Rounding these improvements off, the AI will be better prepared for dealing with vehicle repairs, and will let their buddies in the car before they take off. This comes on top of being much more alert to their surroundings, including reacting more realistically to nearby noises.

Furthermore, and arguably more importantly, they’ll struggle harder to break free of Jason’s grasp. Not a bad list of tweaks, eh? We’ll let you know as soon as these changes go live.

Xbox Games Releasing Between April 2nd and April 8th

Wondering what games are coming to Xbox this week? Worry not, we’ve got your back. Here’s every announced game arriving on Xbox One between April 2nd and April 8th.

The Adventure Pals – April 3rd
A game about a small boy, his giraffe, and a pet rock. In this quirky adventure game, The Adventure Pals sends you on an epic quest to rescue the boy’s father before he’s turned into a hot dog. With local drop-in/drop-out co-op, this delightful side-scrolling, hack-n-slash adventure is full of colorful friends and enemies.

Minit – April 3rd
Minit is an adventure played 60 seconds at a time where you’ll journey outside the comfort of your home to help unusual characters, uncover countless secrets, and overcome dangerous foes, all in hopes of lifting an unfortunate curse that ends each day after just one minute.

TERA – April 3rd
Experience an MMO where your skill and positioning determine whether you live or die in battle. In TERA, you aim, dodge, and time your attacks for an exciting combat experience. TERA’s content is entirely free to play, and with an interface redesigned and optimized for game controllers, TERA offers an immersive MMO experience from the comfort of your couch.

Dangun Feveron – April 4th
Just as its approaching its 20th anniversary, Dangun Feveron makes its console appearance with its blend of classic, vertical style bullet hell shooter gameplay. Featuring original game modes that put a new twist on its classic gameplay, and with remixed background music, enjoy the return of this classic arcade game brought to you by M2 ShotTriggers.

Metropolis: Lux Obscura – April 4th
A unique game with a film noir atmosphere, seductive wanton women, and dirty dangerous secrets. Gameplay is based on a motion comic with a non-linear plot mixed with MATCH3 puzzle fights.

Impact Winter – April 5th
“In 30 days, help is coming…” A mysterious radio transmission claims that help is inbound. You are Jacob Solomon: leader of a makeshift team trying to survive the aftermath of a devastating asteroid collision. Your goal: lead your team to survival.

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare – April 6th
Manage your very own zombie battle bus to fight the undead in this tactical survival sequel to Dead Ahead. Kills zombies, collect supplies, search for survivors, and upgrade your bus to break through barricades to establish a shaky foothold of survival.

Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala – April 6th
The demonic preacher has escaped to the mountains in pursuit of a grim secret that could give him ultimate power. He has already eluded the detective and her partner Hamilton twice: once in Maple Creek, and again in Ravenwood. Play this finale that’s full of adventure, hidden-object puzzles, and ancient mysterious.

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