Dragon Ball FighterZ: Patch Notes Released For Upcoming Update

Bandai recently announced that Dragon Ball FighterZ would be subject to two sizable game fixing updates, aimed at making the experience more fluid. The patch notes for the first update, which is set to release at the end of February on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, are as follows:

Content Updates

  • Implementation of a new mode called “Party Match”
  • Replay Channel has had the following functions added: “Follow Channel” and “Search Channel”
  • Arcade Mode has been changed to be more convenient. (1) Players will be able to select the path which they take at the Results screen after clearing a course and (2) When pressing pause during a battle, it will be possible to “Return to Course Select” and “Return to Character Select”.
  • For Ring Match, Casual Match, and Ranked Match, the controller will vibrate when a new opponent is found to better indicate the availability of a fight
  • Replay data will be updated. After the update, old replay data will be no longer available because of changes to the battle system (further, we think the reason for this may be to clear online storage space being used by players on the Dragon Ball FighterZ servers.)

Gameplay Updates

  • Movement should now feel more stable
  • Effects and cinematic sequences will be of a higher quality
  • The bug with Dragon Rush forcing a character switch as been fixed. Previously, players could constantly do that move over and over, that will no longer be the case.

Online Updates

  • Parts of the online mode have been optimized to improve matchmaking. Work will continue in this area after the initial patch
  • Settings for the Anime Song and BGM pack have been changed. Player 1 and Player 2 can now select and hear different songs of their choosing

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