Episodic Dungeon Crawler Korgan Coming Soon to Xbox One

It’s been announced that Korgan, an episodic dungeon crawler, is coming to Xbox One in the near future. The game was close to two years in development with only one developer — a solo project.

The overall idea behind Korgan is to provide a video game affordable to anyone — it’s so affordable that it’s free. You can play the prologue and multiplayer dungeons with your friends for free and embrace death several times as well. Jordi RG, developer of Korgan, states:

The development of the game started with a very basic question: why spend money before playing a game? You need to see if that’s your game, right? Play first, purchase the game if you like it. To make things easier for everyone, there is only one purchase, which is the first episode of the game, with a new single-player campaign, new levels, new multiplayer modes, new weapons, enemies, bosses, equipment, items, skins, and everything included in a single package.

Cant argue with that logic, can we? The game is currently without a release date, but as soon as we know when it’s set to arrive, we’ll let you know.

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