Hardcore Space Shooter Promethium Announced

Xiotex Studios have announced Promethium, an indie hardcore tactical space shooter grouped with a gameplay trailer to showcase the action.

The Promethium Armada is on it’s way to the Earth and it’s not a friendly visit. Founded on the business of dealing with and disposing of toxic waste, the Armada is ever on the watch for a new place to dump it and they have our planet in their sights.

In an attempt to save us all from impending toxic death, Commander Braybrook pilots an experimental deep space tactical fighter and heads straight for the spearhead of the Promethium Armada. The fate of us all lies in her hands.

Promethium plays over 20 levels where the objective of the game is to defeat each of the ships of the Promethium Armada. To defeat the ships the player has to hack into them by flying their fighter over the sheld generator until they shut down. Once all the shields are down a kill command will be sent causing the Promethium Armada ship to self destruct.

Disabling the shields won’t be easy though, they are guarded by many fighters, mines and turrets that are just itching to take the player down.

Byron will be showing Promethium off at the London MCM Comicon from the 26th of May and is looking forward to seeing people rise to the challenge of beating it. Promethium will be coming to Steam very soon and hopefully to consoles some time later.

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