Plantronics RIG 600 Gaming Headset Review

Christmas is soon to creep its way into view making it the best time to start shopping around for some gaming goodies and essentials. We’re beginning to broaden our horizon here at Xbox Tavern, opening our proverbial doors to the prospect of reviewing hardware alongside the several games we’ve reviewed so far. Our very own Jpep has recently been hard at work reviewing Thrustmaster’s T.Flight HOTAS One, whilst I’ve been taking Plantronics’ RIG 600 headset for a spin. The RIG 600 is described as a high-fidelity gaming headset that comes tethered to a nice well rounded affordable price tag, but with so many headsets on the market for roughly the same cost (£60 / $90), does the kit stand out alongside the rest? Most definitely, yes.

The RIG 600 sports a slick classy black and gold design, which breaks away from the several lime-green or electric-blue headsets that hit thick and fast. One thing that always gets on my nerves with new headsets are that many of them tend to clamp your skull like the Mountain on Oberyn until you’ve wore them in. The RIG 600 however has been surprisingly comfortable since the very first use thanks to the cushioned headband and breathable materials used to ensure that prolonged gaming sessions provide hours of comfort. They’re also very lightweight and durable, meaning you wont get that ‘heavy’ feeling throughout the course of your playtime.

Furthermore the earcups fold flat which enables you slot them around your neck without hefty padding obstructing your view, this is also great for putting them away in confined spaces. The headband can be adjusted by a couple of inches up or down with enough earcup swivel to get the most comfort from the kit. Several wires come in the box that allows you to seamlessly plug in and play the kit to your console, PC, mobile device or other handheld tech. You can choose between the noise-cancelling boom mic for chat, or the inline mic to control volume, mute, and call answer/end – making accessibility and ease of use a forefront aspect. The RIG’s flexible and durable boom mic does a great job when it comes to noise-cancelling, but it’s not perfect.

I was able to pick up on several quiet noises throughout my testing time via listening to my own voice messages, as was one of my buddies. These noises aren’t loud or party intrusive at all, but I would be remiss if I didn’t at least point that out. The inline mic on the other hand isn’t something that you will rely on for your gaming needs, but does well with listening to music on your handhelds as well as offering swift access too mute and volume controls. The RIG 600 features dynamic 40mm drivers in each cup which offers some excellent sound without suffering from any form of distortion at all. The kit was tested across several game types, from racing, shooting and sports – all of which held up remarkably well.

Picking up on the exact location of enemies or online players was as easy as ABC, I honestly wasn’t expecting the feedback to be as excellent as it is, but it truly blew me away at such a solid price point. There’s no denying whatsoever that the RIG 600’s accomplish everything they set out to achieve, effortlessly making sure that you never miss out on a single audio effect during your time with them. One complaint I have is that there’s no option for sound control, meaning you’ll need to rely on the Xbox One Headset Adaptor or the Xbox One Settings on the console to adjust the sound of game vs party chat. In regards to cable length, there’s plenty of it. You’ll have more than enough room to stretch with your pad-in-hand without worrying about yanking the RIG’s straight from your head.


Plantronics’ RIG 600 is certainly a worthy purchase if you’re looking for a reliable, durable and affordable headset. There’s a small issue with some noise-cancellation but this is very minimal and wont intrude your party /game chat or private messages. The ease of access via plug in and play is excellent and the slick classy black and gold design means you can take these out and about without looking out of place. The sound quality is truly incredible when you take the price into account and although you’ll need to tweak chat / game balance via the settings of your console, there’s no denying the high quality whatsoever. Looking to Christmas, if you’re on the market for a new headset or looking to gift someone with one, RIG 600 should most definitely be on your radar.

This hardware was tested and reviewed on Xbox One. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version.

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  • Excellent looking design.
  • Durable, accessible, comfortable and reliable.
  • Magnificent sound quality.
  • Brilliant price point.
  • Some minor noise cancellation issues.
Usability - 7.8
Design - 8.2
Durability - 8.5
Value for Price - 9
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