Xenon Valkyrie+ Review

Xenon Valkyrie+ is a hardcore, rogue-lite 2d platformer that takes inspiration from old school 16-bit games, but is it just as addictive?

5.6 Average

Tiles Review

Puzzle games are ten a penny. It doesn't matter what device you game on, they're everywhere. Does the newly released Tiles prove to be a worthy addition?

4.8 Poor

Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame Review

Milestone are back with another racer, only this time they're taking on the Supercross. Does this experience live up to the much loved sport?

7.3 Good

Fe Review

EA Originals' action adventure puzzle platformer Fe is here at last. Hyped as a 'new' kind of platformer, can Fe stand out in an already crowded genre?

8 Great

Samsara Review

It's hard to strike a fine balance when it comes to puzzle games. Samsara attempts to blend together innovation and tricky puzzles, but does the end result pay off?

5 Average

Marooners Review

You just cant beat some good old party game madness, and with Marooners now upon us, do we finally have a solid addition on Xbox One?

4.5 Poor

DYE Review

Puzzle platformers are ten a penny, so it really takes something special to step on up and stand out. Does DYE manage to do that?

4.6 Poor

Vesta Review

Developer Final Boss consists of team members who have collectively put several years of work into the world of video games. How does their first game play?

5.5 Average
Drift Zone

Drift Zone Review

Drift Zone makes some bold statements in its description, but does the game manage to capture the excitement and energy of its material?

4.6 Poor

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