Phantom Trigger

Phantom Trigger Review

Phantom Trigger is said to dish up an engaging experience that comes tethered to an interesting story. Does it deliver on its promise?

4.8 Poor

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs – Royal Edition Review

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs - Royal Edition is one of the three RPGs landing on Xbox One this week. Does it stand as tall as its competition?

7.4 Good

Bombslinger Review

With Super Bomberman R heading to console in July, you would be forgiven for believing that Bombslinger is a quick cash-in. Does it prove to be more?

6.5 Okay
Ys Origin

Ys Origin Review

There's an unforgivable lack of JRPGs on Xbox One, which is why a game like Ys Origin should be refreshing and captivating. Does it hit those marks?

8.5 Great
Dead Ahead ZW

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Review

Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare is yet another mobile to console port, but does this game fall victim to the usual issues that we typically see with this transition?

4.8 Poor
Impact Winter

Impact Winter Review

Impact Winter hardly enjoyed a solid launch last year on the PC. How does this survival adventure hold up on console, a year later?

7.6 Good
Enigmatis 3

Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala Review

Artifex are back with another point and click hidden object game, but does this conclusion to the Enigmatis trilogy take the series out with a bang?

7.5 Good
Titan Quest

Titan Quest Review

Titan Quest brings what could be a fun action-rpg to consoles but doesn’t adjust the experience suitably in almost every way.

3.1 Lousy

The Raven Remastered Review

The Raven Remastered brings back the iconic game The Raven for another chance to shine in the spotlight. Does it succeed in doing so?

6 Okay

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