The Legend of Jpep and the Trip to NYCC 2017


Ok so here’s the thing. While I loved comic books in my youth, I kind of fell out of the hobby sometime after high school. At some point all of my pulp rags were placed in plastic sleeves and then boxed up and stored in my parents attic. I can only hope that they are still in good shape as I had a number of issues that were vintage even back then. But honestly my collection was never intended to be a thing of value to anyone but me. A good number of my pulps were definitely well read. Covers falling off, bent pages, adds torn out… The kind of wear that shows just how much the art and stories were loved. If only I had known then what I know now that I’m 40, I might be able to retire early.

This was my first trip to the NYCC held at the Jacob Javitz Center just outside the Lincoln Tunnel and I’m not ashamed to admit that I was quite overwhelmed with the sheer number of exhibitors, not to mention all the fans, cosplayers and staff on hand. The art work is all absolutely amazing from animation cells to canvas portraits. Statues, sculptures, figurines, t shirts. Rare collectables, original pieces, replicas. Every thing of the pulp fantasy sci fi medium you could imagine was there. You could meet and greet with some of your favorite artists. Take pictures with the myriad of cosplayers who showed up in force. Enjoy a wide variety of different foods from a number of New York City food trucks parked out side, not to mention what was available inside the venue itself. I imagine I must have felt a little like how Jesus may have felt when He walked into the temple. The shock and awe just before He got angry and started overturning everything.

As for cosplay, I went earlier in the day so most of the outfits were family friendly with just a few being a little risqué. It is truly amazing what some people on a budget can do with cardboard, spray paint, and a little imagination. I find them more amazing than some of the folks who spend thousands of dollars on their outfits until they are just right. It was a little bit hot outside when I went so some had issues with make up melting or over heating inside their masks. I saw a squad of Spidermen each in a different costume from the various styles he and his clones have worn. I saw Shiva from Mortal Kombat complete with extra arms. More Jokers and Harley Quinns than you could count. Power rangers, Deadpool, Link, Mario, and a number of other characters that I didn’t know or recognize but impressive just the same.

On the main levels, there were a few bottle necks where foot traffic was at an absolute standstill and nearly impossible to pass through but all in all the layout was well designed and easy to navigate. There is even a phone app you could use to plan your visit and check on schedules of guest appearances, special exhibits and so on. The one small complaint I had is that I couldn’t find anywhere that had the lanyards for my press badge. So I had to keep it in my pocket and show it when asked which I think may have slowed down my exploration of the convention floor. It seemed like everyone had a lanyard except for me. Oh well, I still enjoyed my time there and would definitely go again. Maybe next time I’ll be able to bring someone with me.

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