Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Headset Review

Gaming is as much about the sound as it is about the visuals, but let us be honest, any bog standard TV and any bog standard headset (if necessary) will get the job done – scaling the quality, of course. There’s certainly no shortage of gaming headsets available on the market. We’ve got budget headsets that cost no more than a few coins, to the more elaborate headsets that cost north of a few hundred. The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 sits between that spectrum and I can safely say that after several hours worth of use, you’ll be hard-pressed finding a headset that packs as much quality as this for the same asking price of £89.99 / $99.95.

The last Turtle Beach headset I used was the Turtle Beach XO Four, and whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the headset for what it provided, being decent feedback and quality for the small cost, I did suffer one huge problem. The first month of using that headset felt very uncomfortable, I felt like Prince Oberyn on the receiving end of The Mountain’s hands. It took a lot of time to wear those in before I could rely on them for prolonged use, so that was naturally my first concern when trying out the Stealth 600. Mercifully, my concerns were short lived. Putting on the Stealth 600’s felt as though I had been using them for months on end, the level of comfort was unmatched by any ‘wearing-in’ period I’ve ever had with a gaming headset. There’s a small bit of pressure that’s applied to the underneath of the ear on each side, but this is by no means anywhere near as uncomfortable as the comparison headset was.

The Stealth 600 is a wireless headset, so there’s no wrist tickling wires connecting from the headset to the controller. Instead you’ll be syncing the headset (following a controller update if needed) directly with the Xbox One. There’s no station or additional adaptors that you’ll need to contend with, making this a very ease-of-access kit. It’s very easy to take the headset straight out of the box and get up and running within minutes, if that. The box also packs a short cable that you can use to update your controller as well as charge the headset when it’s low on juice. The left ear cup houses all of the controls that you’ll need, including a volume slider for the game audio and chat, on top of buttons for audio presets and power on/off. The headset also supports a flip-up mic that seamlessly blends into the design of the kit, which auto-mutes chat when flicked up. It’s a very compact and convenient kit for those that don’t like clutter.

In regards to the design, the Stealth 600 looks the part. These may not be as slick and trendy as Turtle Beach’s higher ranged headsets, but they look great nevertheless. There’s a lot of flexibility and adjustment room to find your comfort zone, and they’re remarkably resilient to force and stress. The “ProSpecs Glasses Relief System” ensures that there’s minimal pressure on your glasses while you play, and although I myself do not wear glasses, I tested out the kit for one hour of solid use using sunglasses and can confirm that there wasn’t any sacrifice to the level of comfort that the Stealth 600 provides. Furthermore, there’s an impressive 15 hours worth of battery life packed into the kit. I can’t say that I made it the full stretch before a recharge was needed, but I did manage to pull 12 (or so) nonconsecutive hours worth of playtime before said charge was needed. Safe to say that you can get a full day of play either way.

The sound quality may not be inline with the high end headsets, but you can’t argue with the quality you’re getting in return for the cost. The only problem I found is that even on the loudest setting, the Stealth 600’s are not particularly loud. Sure they’re loud enough to get the proverbial job done, but for those of you that enjoy listening to music too, this may be somewhat of a disappointment. The audio presets are well implemented and provide a nice balance to the fields of play. You get a decent Bass Boost preset that comes in handy for media, and the Superhuman Hearing preset that accurately pinpoints those all important audio cues that you may otherwise miss in low end headsets or via the TV direct. The Stealth 600 also supports “Windows Sonic Surround Sound” via the Xbox audio settings. Windows Sonic Surround Sound delivers virtual surround sound amazingly well, offering excellent immersion throughout play. Chat is also just as well rounded, which is something I tested across several party chats, game chat across several games, and several private voice messages.


The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 surround sound gaming headset is excellent value for money. They’re stylish, lightweight, conveniently compact and very accessible. The quality across game audio and chat is brilliant, heightened further by the presets you can take to, as well as the support for Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos virtual surround sound. It may not be the loudest headset on the market, which could turn away those that enjoy listening to music, but it does the job remarkably well with the price tag it demands. The battery life is also well set, giving you between 12 and 15 hours worth of playtime between charge. If you’re looking for your next go-to kit, the Stealth 600 wont let you down. It’s also one of the only headsets that directly connect to your Xbox One, no wires, no adaptors, nothing. Simply put, the Stealth 600 is a steal.

This hardware was tested and reviewed on Xbox One. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version.

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  • Excellent sound quality across all presets.
  • Accessible and conveniently compact.
  • Comfortable and slick design.
  • Wireless, straight to the Xbox One console.
  • Great value for money.
  • Not as loud as other headsets, on the highest setting.
Usability - 9.6
Design - 8.9
Durability - 9.4
Value for Price - 9.5
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